DCrane Photography

Welcome to MICA Photos and DCrane Photography, here you can find out how to:

- Find photos of yourself, if you were ice climbing with us at MICA Guides.

- Read about my background in photography and how I started MICA Photos.

- Check out the stories behind my glacier obsession.

- Browse photos from my travels.

- Follow my photographs on Instagram.

- Check out some cool gear that I use, and I think you should too.

Below, I have posted a few of my recent photos from wherever I have been traveling this time - for everything else you can use the links above or on the left panel.

  • DC_20150908_016
  • DC_20150908_071
  • DC_20150824_045
  • DC_20150824_001
  • DC_20150908_001
  • MICA Guides Crossing a Moraine
  • DC_20160622_027
  • DC_20160622_189
  • DC_20160722_120
  • DC_20160711_004
  • DC_20160717_017
  • DC5_0045
  • DC5_0024
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