About the UP 4014 Project:

Union Pacific's 'Big Boy' #4014 is one of the largest steam locomotives ever built. It is currently making it's way from Colton, California to Cheyenne, Wyoming where Union Pacific's Steam crew will spend up to five years resorting the locomotive.

Only 25 of these gigantic locomotives were ever built, and all but 8 were eventually disassembled. #4014 was delivered to Union Pacific in December 1941 weighing in at a massive 132 feet long and 1.2 million pounds! It traveled over 1 million miles during its service, and was retired in 1961. Now, in 2014, it has finally begun the long process of being brought back to life!

Big Boy 4014 is being escorted by two SD70M Locomotives; led by #4014 and supported by #4884. These two diesel locomotives were chosen specifically for this move. #4014 for sharing the number the Big Boy used back in it's service, and #4884 representing the special 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement used only in the Big Boy engines (4 leading wheels, 8 drivers, 8 more drivers, and 4 following to support the rear). The three locomotives are followed by support cars housing the steam crew, parts and tools they may need along the way, and flat cars carrying the crew's road vehicle and trailer.

Track the project through Union Pacific's website here.

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