For many, ice climbing on a glacier in Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! That's why I have partnered with MICA Guides on the Matanuska Glacier to bring you the best possible photos of this often life-changing event. While you are certainly encouraged to bring along your own camera, there is only so much your friends can do with it from below (lots of butt-shots!).

Photography on a glacier is a technically demanding and often wet, dangeros environment. In addition, with most climbing areas on the Matanuska, it simply is not safe, or even possible, for you and your friends to get that truly awesome photo to make you look like a pro. That's where I come in!


I have been practicing photography since 2007, and working professionally since 2011. With a focus on the outdoors and action sports photography, I am well trained to handle the demanding conditions of shooting in the vertical environment.

While 2015 was my first summer on a glacier, I have had years of experience photographing rock climbers in a similar style. With minimal time spent adapting my skills to the ice, I adapted quickly to ice anchors and fell in love with the beauty and dynamic environment of the Matanuska Glacier.

As with rock climbing, the key to stunning ice climbing images is the angle. Shooting from below the subject works for some artistic photos, but most often the photographer will need to be above the climber to really make the photo stand out.

Training in ice climbing and ice anchor skills is mandatory to get the shot, often requiring dropping inside of the same feature the subject will be climbing.


Sample Photos

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